Premier Interior Decorator Toronto, Luxury Interior Decoration by Maria Lebeault

Elegant Living Spaces is a creation of Maria, an award winning certified registered interior decorator in Toronto. She has a knack for and passion to fill the Torontonians’ houses with creativity and love, so they can become a home. Your home should be a reflection of your ideas and personality, and Maria does just that for you through her artistic designer skills in interior decoration. Maria has made a name for herself in Toronto’s home interior decorator world by creating unique interior designs for her clients.

Elegant Living Spaces is neither an interior design agency nor a home redesigning service, but a home decoration service that turns your home into a gem by using the existing space, reshuffling, moving, changing and introducing new furniture and/or accessories. Interior decoration does not involve structural work. A home interior decorator will actually help to purify your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the requirements of your home. A reputed interior decorator company in Toronto like Elegant Living Spaces can help simplify getting your current place looking posh and different, if you don’t know where to start.
Why settle for less with costly home remodeling or re-designing when you can achieve more extraordinary results with home decoration? And that’s where an interior decorating company comes in like Elegant Living Spaces – an interior  decoration service that is inspired by you and your dreams.

Remember, your home is in need of a creative artist who can dress it with passion and inspiration, so it can look fabulous and exhibit positive energy. Maria holds strongly to the idea that when the home gets what it truly deserves, it creates joy in the hearts of everyone who live there.
Home décor goes almost hand in hand with fashion trends. Maria can play with colors and practicable, innovative ideas not only to make your home a beauty that can tranquil the beholders, but also create an atmosphere that can lift your spirit. The work of a professional interior home  decorator can make all the difference into your home.

Armani Casa, Fendi Casa, Versace Home, Donna Karan Home Collection, Hermes La Maison, Ralph Lauren Home, and Vera Wang Lifestyle best exemplify the close tie between home décor and fashion. Europe and Italy have remained at the center of fashion and home décor, and this is why a lot of these companies have European or Italian origins.
Maria is a household name when it comes to home decorating consultants in Toronto. She has spent over ten years on each continent, which makes her well versed both in terms of cultural knowledge and diversity in home decoration.

Elegant Living Spaces is a comprehensive decorator firm that has been making homes more beautiful with years of experience.

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