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toronto condo decoration gets excellence award

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Toronto is one of the most multicultural city in the world with over 50 % of its population born outside of Canada. The result is a very vibrant creative community.

This project perfectly reflects that : Maria Lebeault , the lead interior decorator at elegant living spaces was born in Brazil, moved to Europe where she had a successful career in luxury fashion before moving to Toronto. Her customers are a couple of Indian expats who have travelled around the world before also settling down in Toronto.

They bought a magnificent condo overlooking lake Ontario and the CN tower. They have extremely good taste in modern furniture but needed help in terms of choosing which kind to match with which and how and where. They also wanted to marry some ancient furnitures and paintings that were very dear to them with the new furniture.

That is where Maria started to get involved . A lot of time was spent in discussion with the couple trying to understand their taste , their living habits and their expectations.

Then started a lot of visits to selected furniture stores , where further discussions took place before agreeing on what pieces to order.

The couple also had some  very old paintings that were in poor conditions for some of them. These paintings met a lot to the couple as they had been painted by one of their aunt who painted to make a living and to support the husband studies . These were restored by some very good artists that Maria knows and in agreement with the customers.

Next to the living room was an area with an existing hi-tech sound system for these music lovers that was integrated in a jazzy bar corner.

Results in the following pictures. The condo interior decoration is a success. Customer super happy that Maria managed to marry the modern and the traditional in a very beautiful way

This project was submitted to IDRC ( Interior Décor Resources Canada ) annual competition and it won an award : the IDEA 2015 ( Interior Décor Excellence Award )

We would like to thank everyone involved in this great project  starting with the customers, the suppliers and the photograph Leslie Goodwin who did a great job

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interior decorator toronto gets best of houzz 2016

Monday, February 1st, 2016

houzz is  a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners
and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community. every year the best professionals are rewarded with the best of houzz badge

elegant living spaces is particularly proud to have won the best of houzz 2016 for service as only the top 3% of pros on houzz are getting this award. it recognizes the quality of service given by this very creative home decorator based in toronto, ontario , canada

this results is mainly due to the customers reviews that interior decorator maria lebeault is getting from her customers 

if elegant living spaces customers are so happy , it is because maria is able to truly create magic for them working with their existing space. No need to start remodeling in most cases. The placement of existing furniture need to be looked at first. Does it fit there ? Does it need to be moved elsewhere ? Or does it need to be enhanced with a few other pieces of art ?

then it is a journey in creating an atmosphere that you will truly enjoy and never thought for a second it was possible to achieve … and it will not be a cold catalogue page that you will find everywhere , it will be your own space with your own things but enhanced with the vision and experience of interior decorator maria, where a lot of her inspiration is coming from her career in luxury fashion retail where she would be involved in visual merchandising

her customers often recognise it, she does not only bring her artistic touch, she goes far beyond . examples : she will introduce flowers in your decoration but it does not stop here , she will teach you where to get them and how to maintain them as she has a very green hand. She will also astonished you with her very creative way to set them in wonderful flower pots marrying other objects and lights

maria will also introduce you to the positive effects that candles can add not only add to the beauty of your spaces but the soothing effects they can have when well chosen for their light and scents

and the list goes on , she will not only help you decorate your kitchen but she might also teach you how to cook some wonderful recipees from brazil, france or italy

no wonder why she earned the highly coveted best of houzz 2016 in service ! Like one of her customer summarized it : “Maria is not only a master of space ambiance and well-being but she also fully affects your lifestyle! Meeting and working with her gave me so much positive energy. Maria inspired my lifestyle with her excellent choice of colors, materials and scents as well with her great taste and passion for art. She helped me to better understand how to enjoy my living space in all its aspects, considering light, color and sound. I also admire her garden design. Full of ideas.”

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Maria Lebeault

research shows that exceptional interior decoration has profound impact on our attitude, health, relationships and performance

this is what drives elegant living spaces in every single project , residential or commercial, striving to make you feel good at home, at work,in your special event creating unified, fresh, contemporary and welcoming spaces

Maria is the lead home decoration consultant at Elegant Living Spaces. Having worked with famous Italian brands, such as Max Mara and Gucci, she holds very strong to the philosophy that your home or your office is not just a place to live or work, but also a space that should lift your spirit. Unlike most interior designers and decorators who are trained as architects and floor planners, Maria started in luxury fashion in Europe helping the most demanding celebrity customers find the best fit for them and getting very involved in the visual merchandising of the luxury fashion stores . Likewise in interior decoration, she captures the spirit of the homeowner or employees and purifies the soul of the space with her taste for art and sense for aesthetics.

Maria is Brazilian by birth. She spent most of her professional life in Europe and has been living in Toronto for the past 10 years. Having far-reaching experience working in diverse cultures that particularly value style and art, Maria concludes that decoration is about ‘creating well being.’

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