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interior decoration benefits for home has long been established and recognized . A well decorated home brings harmony which in turns translate into all sort of good things like better health, better relationship among the family members, well being , happiness …

very similarly , it has been proven that a well designed workplace leads to happy employees which, in turn, leads to greater productivity

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Workspace disorganization leads to a 47% increase in lost time, a 16% increase in meeting tardiness and a 14% increase in missed deadlines. So think about getting some drawer dividers, desktop organizers and color-coded file folders!

You may think of office plants as plain old décor but plants can make people more productive. When strategically placed, having plants in the office can raise alertness by 70%. As well, they reduce fatigue by 30% and headaches by 20%.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) research uncovered the factors that management identified for creating an effective work environment. New research builds on those studies but focuses on what employees value in a workplace and how they prefer to work. read more 

Companies  have seen the impact of good design/decoration not only absenteeism (people not showing up for work) but also people not staying at job for more than a year. You can go to any employer’s website now and find examples of these wellness programs being actively marketed. Look at how they present themselves with benefits to see how they are attracting people to organization as explained in this other good blog 

Not only does decoration have a profound impact on your employees productivity but also on your customers and suppliers visiting your offices

elegant living spaces is also offering services in corporate office , be it just for an executive office, the entrance hall, or any other part of your office in toronto

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Maria Lebeault

research shows that exceptional interior decoration has profound impact on our attitude, health, relationships and performance

this is what drives elegant living spaces in every single project , residential or commercial, striving to make you feel good at home, at work,in your special event creating unified, fresh, contemporary and welcoming spaces

Maria is the lead home decoration consultant at Elegant Living Spaces. Having worked with famous Italian brands, such as Max Mara and Gucci, she holds very strong to the philosophy that your home or your office is not just a place to live or work, but also a space that should lift your spirit. Unlike most interior designers and decorators who are trained as architects and floor planners, Maria started in luxury fashion in Europe helping the most demanding celebrity customers find the best fit for them and getting very involved in the visual merchandising of the luxury fashion stores . Likewise in interior decoration, she captures the spirit of the homeowner or employees and purifies the soul of the space with her taste for art and sense for aesthetics.

Maria is Brazilian by birth. She spent most of her professional life in Europe and has been living in Toronto for the past 10 years. Having far-reaching experience working in diverse cultures that particularly value style and art, Maria concludes that decoration is about ‘creating well being.’

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