Your Toronto interior decorator reviews :

To say that interior decorator Maria did a great job of decorating our Toronto home would be a gross understatement of her contribution. Maria completely transformed our living and dining room area to meet and exceed our expectations in terms of contemporary décor. She did this with her sense of exquisite taste and artistic eye while consulting and involving us at every stage, so we felt a part of the final results. Maria’s energy is infectious and she has great attention to detail. Even whilst she was about her other work she would be on the lookout for the “right” product or accessory for our home decoration. She was also extremely conscientious of not overspending, often far more so than us as we got carried away with the excitement of the decoration process.Anjana Raman , condo owner in Lakeshore

Maria is amazing and so is her work! She has a way of pulling together items and colours to create a unified, fresh, contemporary and welcoming look. She’ll whitewash a dark old washstand you were ready to donate and pair it with some cool decor items to create a visual impact that is memorable. And she makes it seem so simple. She is bright, funny and wise, and a lot of fun to work with. Maria has helped me on several occasions, and everything that she has done or suggested was brilliant! She assisted me when we were organizing our home for sale, helping me to determine how best to organize my space, and what items to profile and what items to get rid of. She also offered some design tips for out new cottage. Then she stepped in when my daughter was getting married and organized flowers (some from her own garden), tweaked my outfit, put together table centres, and suggested general design improvements at the venue. Her support and her artistic eye have proved invaluable to me when making decisions. she will tell you what needs to said, not what you want to hear. And her sense of humour and rich cultural background make it such fun to work with her! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse….a true gift!

Maria of “elegant living spaces” is incredible! She is funny, smart, creative and mindful of the client’s needs, wishes, budget, and style. She is a joy to work with, and she makes magic happen with minimal resources. I highly recommend getting in touch with Maria if you have a design or entertainment project in mind. She will provide the splash and pizazz that your project needs, and you’ll have fun working with her.Mary Moore , home owner in Cabbage Town

Maria’s unique vision takes ordinary elements and puts them together with extraordinary results. She creates elegant spaces that make you feel welcome and relaxed and glad to be home. She brings boundless energy. care and creativity to everything she does.Maria created a beautiful space that I enjoy coming back to again and again. The ambiance that she created makes enjoying a simple glass of wine with friends a luxurious evening every time. Simple elements have been brought together with flair and imagination to create an inviting and tranquil space. Highly recommended!

Jane Albright, homeowner in Lawrence Park

Maria is not only a master of space ambiance and well-being but she also fully affects your lifestyle! Meeting and working with her gave me so much positive energy. Maria inspired my lifestyle with her excellent choice of colors, materials and scents as well with her great taste and passion for art. She helped me to better understand how to enjoy my living space in all its aspects, considering light, color and sound. I also admire her garden design. Full of ideas.

Karina Castella, Architect ex Torontonian now in New York

Maria has an exceptional sense of style, she can make an old boring room into an elegant living space that is magazine-worthy. But more importantly, she will make your space warm and inviting by respecting your tastes and budget. Maria’s positive energy, great personality, expertise and hard working ethics, are combined into a winning formula for me.

Leanne Ly, homeowner in York Mills

Maria is fantastic! She has an eye for capturing what is needed in order to enhance a room, a house or a garden. During our renovations she gave us wonderful ideas and was always professional and helpful. I would highly recommend her for her design and decorative flair, she is truly inspirational.

Christine Bellamy, homeowner in Lawrence Park

Maria Lebeault is one of the most creative people I have ever met. She helped me decorate my home beautifully. She is very knowledgeable, energetic, and is fantastic at providing cost-efficient solutions to problems, in particular those inherent in smaller living spaces. She took great care in understanding my needs and taste. Maria is a delight to work with! Today I have a warm, welcoming, stylish space, thanks to Maria! Highly recommended.

Karen Pearce, condo owner in Wanless Park

I just moved to a newly built townhouse in the Lawrence and Bayview area and needed help with my living /dining room. I have a lot of stuff that I treasure but things were like all over the place and messy. I tried contacting a few designers for help. Maria was the third one I worked with and she made all the difference to my design challenges. I LOVED her energy and positive attitude and enjoyed working with her! I have my own design ideas (a little headstrong), but she was very patient and really worked with me to make sure I am happy with the result. She went all the way, explaining concepts of design and why this or why that . . . Because of her design ideas and recommendations, I now have a very lovely place . . . and I am enjoying this space everyday! Maria, thank you so much! I really really really love the outcome! Striking and sophisticated and unique! Love it! Highly recommended!

Mariza Rubas , home owner in Lawrence Park

Maria, has a lot of fabulous ideas. First of all her energy is second to none. She is a fountain of knowledge and is willing to help in anyway. Her own home space is beautifully decorated. Her colour schemes and placement of her furniture are fantastic. There is absolutely no clutter. Nice clean areas and she is ever so organized! Even when she entertains she does it with class. I would use Maria anyday!

Susan de Souza-close, homeowner in Lytton Park

Maria’s classy style, and absolute stand out personality flows right into her work. She has wonderful idea, boundless energy, and works ever so hard to make it a reality. The work above money motivates her. If you seek tranquil style in your environment then do yourself a favor and give Maria a call.

Sherry D’Costa, homeowner in Hoggs Hollow

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