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Backed with decades of experience and awards in the luxury fashion and decoration industry , Maria can introduce elegance to your home, room, condo, cottage, office and garden. She has a natural ability to apply out of the box ideas to your home with a modern and minimalist touch. Get home decoration services from your favorite interior decorator in Toronto located next door in Lawrence Park and servicing all neighborhoods around ( York Mills, Sunnybrook, Hoggs Hollow, The Bridle Path, …)

Modern Home Decoration of a  room, home, condo or cottage

Want to make your room the world’s most luxurious and comfy room? Want to your home into the most opulent home of the world? Maria can make these possible for you. She knows exactly what pieces and ideas can make your home comfy, lavish and inimitable. Your room ought to reflect your personality, ideas, lifestyle and tastes. Taking care of the balance between form and function, Maria can turn your room into a place that would parade positive energy and be visually striking.

Your home deserves to be treated by an artist who can decorate every bit of it with utmost passion and care. Because the occupation of an artist is to craft a sanctuary of splendor that can sooth the soul, Maria personally executes every component of her undertakings for every client. This approach is unlike what some interior designers do: outsource your work to unknown contractors.

Contemporary Decoration of patio, decks, and garden

Your patio, deck and garden are in need of someone who can give them a voice to express your tastes and lifestyle. Maria knows you have a great, unique vision for your patio. She understands you want the deck of your home to be a luxurious piece of art. She knows that you want your garden to appear visually so compelling that it hypnotizes the onlookers. Maria specializes in introducing that magic to your patio, deck and garden. You want someone who can decorate your garden with passion because passion drives perfection. Maria’s passion for gardening and flowers is so intense that she can make the impossible happen by working from her soul.

Commercial and corporate decorations

Maria is a decoration artist who not only specializes in embellishing your home’s interior and exterior, but also your office and commercial properties. Whether it is a restaurant, store, store windows, customers waiting area, clinic or office, it should mirror your philosophy of success. Decoration will not only make your commercial space a piece of beauty, but also lift the spirit of your employees and customers, which can increase productivity and sales. On the other hand, a dull, boring place has the tendency to turn off both your customers and employees.

Events decorations

Whether it’s a party, a dinner or a wedding, it should have a lavish decoration and theme that should not only reflect your lifestyle and tastes, but also mesmerize your guests. Armed with her artistic skills and decoration experience, Maria can passionately bring a unique theme, charm and luxury to your event. She would not only portray your lifestyle and ideas, but also evoke wow inspiring applaud from your guests. Remember, events are about experiences, and when you create an enthralling experience for your guests, they are going to remember it and speak about it forever.

Furniture selection and purchase consultancy

You already know what you want, but need help to bring them all together? Invest your trust in Maria’s talent and experience. She can provide you with valuable advise on selecting and buying contemporary and unique furniture for your home or office. Maria has an eye for beauty, a great taste for style and a deep sense for art. She can help you achieve your objectives for your home or office decoration.


Any project starts with a first consultation at the place of the project. This consultation is used to understand your goals and to come up with a proposal, a budget and a timeline. The price of this consultation is $450 and payable in advance by interac at the following email address :

So, before you decide to remodel your home or undertake expensive structural work, you should consider taking advice from Maria at Elegant Living Spaces. She can help you avoid painful and lengthy renovation by advising you on how to achieve what you want with your existing space.

Contact us now or send us an email if you want to know more about or services.

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She creates elegant spaces that make you feel welcome and relaxed and glad to be home.

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