Why is Italian style home décor trendier?

Italian style home décor is popular for several reasons. It is lavish, elegantly golden and graceful, and uses only affluent furnishings of top-notch quality. Italian home décor is the embodiment of luxury and reflection of a rich lifestyle.

Italy has historically remained the center of home décor since the fifteenth century. Moving forward to today’s Italian style home decorations, we can see incredible art and exquisite styles. Over the long haul, two schools of thoughts have emerged in Italian home décor: first, people who love the traditional Italian decorations, and second, people who prefer modern Italian home décor.

No matter if you like the old or modern Italian decorations, you would find this article resourceful in terms of the wonders offered by Italian style home decorations.

Here’s why Italian style home decor is much admired:

  • 1.Incrusted in luxury:

    Home décor is apparently in the genes of Italians. Their homes are not just comfy; they are practically covered in luxury. Each and every corner of the truly Italian home is decorated in ways that mirror a lavish lifestyle. Modern day Italian homes are clean-lined and uncluttered. You would need the assistance of a decoration consultant to achieve a genuinely Italian home décor. You may also love the nouveau riche décor, a wonderful Italian home décor trend.

  • 2.Absolute grace:

    Want your home to reflect your grace and modern tastes? Go for Italian style home décor. People often understate Italian elegance; however, when a decoration pro executes the Italian home decoration plan in its true spirits, you get a home that exhibits supreme grace, positive energy, rich lifestyle, tranquility and epic style. This is the work of an artist like Maria, not of an interior designer.

  • 3.Golden:

    Golden color is a universal symbol of luxury and wealth, and the Italian home decoration involves a final gilt layer over every piece of decoration to display this lavishness. Golden trim is prevalent in Italian home décor and can be seen in every piece, including picture and mirror frames, and accessories and furnishings. Don’t mistake this for chain store knock-offs. Italian home décors use genuinely stylish accessories, such as stones with hand carvings, gold leaf coated wood and metals, gilt marbles, and crystal glasses and mirrors.

  • 4.Extra contemporary:

    Italian home décor trends are more modern. You can see this modern Italian elegance and luxury in new Italian homes. Cutting the heavy decorations from the traditional Italian styles, modern day home decors of Italian origin are sleeker, simpler and uncluttered. The new trends also involve black and white in addition to the traditional gilt. We can say that it is a true fusion of modern and traditional Italian styles. The use of crystal chandelier and luminous add-ons make the Italian style home a modestly contemporary place.

So, if you are a contemporary home décor devotee, you can achieve an opulent Italian home décor by using top-notch accessories and furnishings in your home. You can also go a step further by giving a surprisingly glitzy touch to the accessories and furnishings in your rooms.

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Maria Lebeault

research shows that exceptional interior decoration has profound impact on our attitude, health, relationships and performance

this is what drives elegant living spaces in every single project , residential or commercial, striving to make you feel good at home, at work,in your special event creating unified, fresh, contemporary and welcoming spaces

Maria is the lead home decoration consultant at Elegant Living Spaces. Having worked with famous Italian brands, such as Max Mara and Gucci, she holds very strong to the philosophy that your home or your office is not just a place to live or work, but also a space that should lift your spirit. Unlike most interior designers and decorators who are trained as architects and floor planners, Maria started in luxury fashion in Europe helping the most demanding celebrity customers find the best fit for them and getting very involved in the visual merchandising of the luxury fashion stores . Likewise in interior decoration, she captures the spirit of the homeowner or employees and purifies the soul of the space with her taste for art and sense for aesthetics.

Maria is Brazilian by birth. She spent most of her professional life in Europe and has been living in Toronto for the past 10 years. Having far-reaching experience working in diverse cultures that particularly value style and art, Maria concludes that decoration is about ‘creating well being.’

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